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10 of our favourite 'Statement chairs'

October 2nd, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

10 of our favourite 'Statement chairs'

Every home should have one. Whether its a family favourite, a design icon or a quirky piece to add character to a room. A statement piece has something to say.

We make a round-up of 10 of our favourite statement chairs. Ones which will elevate your space, whether that is the dining room, the lounge or an office bedroom, there is something for every home and every situation.

Take a look below to see our picks:

1. The Eames Lounge Chair

There was no doubt in our minds that the Eames Lounge chair; arguably one of the most iconic chairs in history, wouldn't make this list. The chair has gained icon status through the years due to a number of factors: Firstly, it's impeccable style. Charles Eames said that when he designed the Lounge Chair, he took the design cues from traditional club chairs and combined these with the shape and form of a baseball glove; Which brings us on to the comfort. This thing is next level. The seat is shaped to hold the body and it is super comfortable. Lastly, the Lounge chair oozes quality. It is constructed from the finest materials to produce something that is quite simply, timeless.Vitra - Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman (Cherry) - Chairs & stools - Vitra - WB Jamieson

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2. The Palissade Chair

This chair is admittedly not designed for inside the home, rather, outside the home. The Palissade chair from HAY is a stunningly graphic design. From the studio of the prolific design duo Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec, the Palissade chair is a piece of furniture that really has something to say. Its bold form with, as previously mentioned, graphic lines, makes the chair a striking addition to the garden. With HAY's optional seat pads, this chair is one that will be welcomed each summer.HAY - Palissade Low Armchair - Chairs & stools - HAY - WB Jamieson

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3. The Jean Prouvé Standard Chair

The Standard chair is another of the iconic chairs that has stood the test of time. Now available with the traditional wooden back and seat option and with more contemporary coloured plastic seat components, the chair has moved gracefully with the times and is collected by the likes of Hollywood stars and furniture enthusiasts alike. Jean Prouvé's original design paid attention to the fact that the greatest strain was taken through the back legs in a dining chair. His solution to the problem was to develop a hollow, wide, steel tube rear leg which gives the piece its characteristic style. The rest is history. 

Vitra - Prouvé - Standard Chair - Chairs & stools - Vitra - WB Jamieson

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4. The Artek Domus Chair

Good design often answers a question. In this case the Domus chair gives a solution to seating for a student housing complex in Helsinki. Domus provides comfort for sitting for long periods of time with characteristic short arms which allow the chair to be tucked under a desk or table which makes it perfect for studying while still providing the necessary support.

Artek - Domus Chair - Chairs & stools - Artek - WB Jamieson

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5. The Emeco 111 Navy Chair

If you were looking for a practically indestructible design which looks the part. Look no further. the 111 Navy chair is a bad-ass design. Originally developed for the U.S. Navy in WW2 the 111 chair is designed to withstand Torpedoes. Yes, that's right, Torpedoes. This lightweight, but brilliantly executed chair is just another in a long line of excellent designs that won't go away anytime soon. You have probably subconsciously seen this chair referenced on the silver screen numerous times. 

Emeco - 111 Navy Chair - In Stock - Chairs & stools - Emeco - WB Jamieson

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6. The Vitra Tip-Ton Chair

Another desk chair in our line-up. This time in the form of the Tip-Ton from Vitra. This ingenious design allows the user to sit forward and essentially remain seated in a forward tilt position. A position that is beneficial to health, with increased muscle activity and straightening of the spine. it comes in a range of bold colours and is a great addition to the work-space both visually and ergonomically.

Tip Ton - Chairs & stools - Vitra - WB Jamieson

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7. The Vitra Panton Chair

This elegant chair almost creates an optical illusion, it doesn't quite look like the sweeping curves could possibly support the weight of a human body. The Panton chair is another from our collection of furniture which is curated for it's timeless design and beautiful aesthetic. When Verner Panton initially designed the Panton chair it was a revelation, using manufacturing techniques that up to that point had never been used before. It is little wonder that this chair is still highly renowned for its design prowess many years later.

Vitra - Panton Chair - Chairs & stools - Vitra - WB Jamieson

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8. The Magis Chair One

"Beam me up Scotty". This striking chair looks like something straight from the set of a Sci-Fi series. The angular form and polygonal design gives this edgy chair a unique look. Constructed from aluminium it is deceptively lightweight and is suited to both indoor and outdoor use. The Chair One also comes in a concrete-based version which is equally attention grabbing if not more so. 

Magis - Chair one - In Stock - Chairs & stools - Magis - WB Jamieson

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9. The East River Chair

Designed by Hella Jongerius and continuing with her inimitable style, the East river chair utilises different fabrics and colours to create a chair that feels cohesive and well considered. The East River chair comes in a small selection of bold colourways and is a real talking point. The overall finish and detail of the chair make it an exceptional piece which commands attention.

Vitra - East River Chair - Chairs & stools - Vitra - WB Jamieson

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10.  The Eames DSW Chair

Lastly, but certainly by no means least. The Eames DSW. The output by the creative duo, Charles and Ray Eames during their period of work was phenomenal in both quantity and quality with many of their designs regarded as exceptional works which stand the tests of time. The Eames DSW (and it's cousin the DSR) are the perfect example of a simple idea, executed well, to result in a chair that typifies their work as a whole. Much like Verner Panton's chair and indeed Jean Prouve's standard chair, when the chair was initially manufactured it was revelatory, using techniques, processes and materials which had not be used in such a way before.

Vitra - Eames Plastic Side Chair DSW (New Dimensions) - Chairs & stools - Vitra - WB Jamieson

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