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17 things to do during isolation

March 19th, 2020

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

We are currently in the midst of an unsettling and troubling time. CoronaVirus or to be more specific Covid19 has already and is continuing to have a massive impact on daily life around the world. 
Now that quarantine and isolation is being advised by the government to the wider population we decided to compile a list of ideas of things that you can do to break the monotony and relieve the cabin fever.

We are currently in the midst of an unsettling and troubling time. CoronaVirus or to be more specific, Covid19 has already had and is continuing to have a massive impact on daily life around the world. 
Now that quarantine and isolation is being advised by the government to the wider population we decided to compile a list of ideas of things that you can do to break the monotony and relieve the cabin fever.

1. Netflix

Undoubtedly Isolation will be difficult. Spending long lengths of time with reduced contact is something nobody really wants. With Technology and the internet, at least we can be thankful of the vast number of options available to us to deplete our boredom levels. Surely, now is the perfect time to catch up on that series you started but never found the time to finish pre-pandemic. There are a wealth of movies, tv series and documentaries to watch. Of course Netflix is not your only option either with NowTV, Amazon Prime, and even On demand TV players like the BBC iPlayer. A wealth of content is waiting to be consumed. Just remember to take a break and hydrate every once in a while.



2. Spotify

It's quite easy to lose track of music. With the constant  stream of new music, in every genre, if you don't actively pay attention to whats being release you can quite often find yourself listening to the same old tunes on repeat. Music has the ability to affect our mental well-being and allow us to take a breather and just listen to something that won't induce panic like much of the news at the moment. This is a time to discover new music or new musicians and to re-discover music you had maybe forgotten about. The likes Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer have allowed us to stream practically anything at the click of a finger. Setting an account up for an elderly loved one is a gift that can keep on giving.


3. Radio

Radio is not dead, and won't be going anywhere, there are the big national radio stations that we are all aware of but during this time, but why not listen in to one of the many internet radio stations for something a bit different or more eclectic? Two of our top picks are 
and and (especially Charlie Bone's Do!! You!!! Show).


4. Board games

Being bored is not an option. Here, some of the classics are still the best. who doesn't love monopoly, granted it may end up in arguments but at least it might help clear the air in a quarantine environment, if not the coronavirus. We can highly recommend the monopoly card game which is a new take on the classic and doesn't take nearly as long to finish. Other games to play could include Articulate!, Balderdash to name just a couple. Of course for the more strategic minds there is always Chess.


5. Tidy and clean

Let's all be honest here, sometimes life just gets in the way. Being busy with work and family can sometimes mean tidiness can slip. Here's an opportunity to de-clutter and at the same time get some peace of mind. Take this as an opportunity to not only tidy the home but also thoroughly disinfect everything.


6. Health and fitness

At a time like this, perhaps more than ever it is essential to keep our fitness levels up. While the gym has all the equipment. You actually have everything you need to work up a sweat and keep healthy at home. There is a plethora of Youtubers and people online offering free workouts. We highly recommend TS Health Fitness and Performance for a daily dose of positivity and inspiration.


7. Read

Reading takes time, busy lives don't always grant us the time we need to get stuck into a good book. Lock-down is the time to fall back in love with reading and set your imagination free. 


8. Cook

Whether you're adding a string to your bow or honing your culinary skills, Being holed-up needn't mean beans on toast is on the cards everyday. This is the time to get out the cookbooks or head online and find some cooking videos, recipes and tutorials. It's easier than you might think and the sense of satisfaction gain after eating a successfully executed meal you have made can should not be understated. A couple of resources to get you started might include: Tasty and Jamie Oliver but you can be sure to find some inspiring food on the many, many sites across the world wide web.


9. Learn a language 

When the travel bans are lifted no doubt we will all be looking forward to getting our and about and visiting our global neighbours. Use this time to learn a language. A challenge that with the right tools such as the Duolingo app can actually be a fun and easy past-time.


10. Gardening

Not everyone has the luxury of a garden or green space, but that doesn't mean you cant get green-fingered over the next few months, looking after plants and growing things is very therapeutic and can give you something to focus your care and attention on.


11. Learn a skill

Crafting, painting, knitting, drawing, building, or something a little more specialised? Access to the internet is a wonderful thing and the wealth of knowledge available on it with free online courses let's use this time of isolation to learn a new skill. Turning a tough time into something that is beneficial and will stay with us for a long time. 


12. Start your own blog/vlog

It's great that you've come to read this one but why not start your own blog? Everyone has something to say and a unique perspective on the world. Communication will be key over the next few months. Letting people know we are there for them and sharing our experiences will go some way to alleviating the pandemic woes.


13. Music is a healer - Dance & Sing

Since the start of the CoronaVirus pandemic we have seen people singing together on Italian streets from the safety of their homes which have be shared across social media. Gareth Malone has decided to set up a home choir which is a way for everyone to participate and show solidarity during this difficult time. click here to learn more: Great British Home Chorus. 

Dancing is a great form of exercise which releases endorphins and makes you feel good. If your stuck indoors with a loved one why not have a dance around the living room? If you don't have the moves yet. Get on your dancing slippers and learn from Youtube!


14. Focus on your future

It would be quite easy to mope about and get depressed about the situation we are all in. All of the above steps will help relieve some of the boredom however, this is the perfect time to plan for your future. What goals will you set yourself for when the CoronaVirus passes. Make plans, research, learn, do whatever you have to do to make sure you utilise your time wisely and can reap the rewards once everything goes back to normal. Build an empire, change career, do something you want to do but never had the time to put the wheels in motion. Now's your chance. Turn this negative situation into a positive outcome.


15. Call your Gran

Lets think about others during this time. Especially the vulnerable and the elderly. Although you may not be able to visit them, you can ensure they have the food and essentials they need to be kept comfortable. Also just checking in with a phone call can really raise spirits. While we're at it lets spare a thought for all the service men and women, and everyone working during this period to keep things running and looking after the sick. Let's make sure they are looked after too. 


16. Get creative

Paint, draw, collage, sculpt are just some of the things you could be doing to get those creative juices flowing. Again the internet is a huge resource of ideas and tutorials of techniques. but sometimes just having a scribble on a notepad while talking over the phone to loved ones can be equally therapeutic.


17. Learn to play an instrument

Do you have an instrument you picked up a long time ago? Maybe you had the intention to learn how to play it but life got in the way? time to strum that guitar or blow that sax. 




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