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A guide to Laying Patterns - Amtico

April 4th, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

What are Laying Patterns?

When choosing Amtico flooring there are are a wealth of options available, colour, texture and style are the obvious choices, but you may not have considered laying patterns at first.

Laying Patterns are the framework which binds the tiles, using different sizes and shapes we are able to produce some extraordinary results. Here we will give you a simple guide of some of the more basic options available for your Amtico flooring.

Each laying pattern should be carefully decided and suited on the type of tile being used. Some of the points to consider are:

  • Size and shape of space
  • Type of tile, is it a wood effect? Stone or ceramic-style vinyl tile?
  • Is the texture/pattern quite busy or more minimal

By working closely with our clients we are able to provide a solution from our knowledge and expertise with the product. Fitting flooring that is unique to your space.

We are able to create completely custom laying patterns, however, Amtico provide some predefined ready-to-use flooring patterns to help with the process.

Below are some examples of the more popular pattern options:

The Pleat

Amtico - Pleat laying pattern - WB Jamieson

The pleat pattern is a simply beautiful, perfectly balanced and incredibly versatile pattern. With textured wood effect tiles, the pattern lends itself to a rustic yet dynamic look which contrasts the pleats sharp pattern.

The Stripwood

Amtico - Stripwood laying pattern - WB Jamieson

This simple and traditional laying pattern gives a traditional wooden plank appearance and allows the beauty of the product to speak, creating a refined and inviting living space.

The Herringbone / Parquet

Amtico - Herringbone plank - WB Jamieson

The Herringbone laying pattern adds detail to the flooring, a stylish and popular pattern that creates a statement in any room. The names Herringbone and Parquet today are pretty much interchangeable, originally Herringbone described the broken zig-zag pattern, and parquetry was the term used to describe any geometric pattern constructed from wood, with herringbone being the most well recognised option. 

The Linear Block

Amtico - Linear Block - Laying Pattern

Linear block laying pattern gives a very clean and contemporary feel. It looks great with simple tiles and contrast stripping (grout) lines.

The Random Plank

Amtico - Random Plank laying pattern - WB Jamieson

The random Plank laying pattern uses differing sizes of planks staggered at different intervals to create a very rustic and traditional flooring pattern if used as one colour or an ultra contemporary finish if laid with a contrasting area of tiles as shown in the image above.

The Checkerboard or Check

Amtico - Check laying pattern - WB Jamieson

Simply constructed with two contrasting tiles, the Checkerboard pattern is timeless and classic. It works particularly well for kitchens, bathrooms and hallways and as with all the laying patterns, detail can be added by the addition of a border. As shown in the picture, a third colour tile can be added to create a gingham checked pattern.

The Castel Weave

Amtico - Castel weave - WB Jamieson

The Castel Weave laying pattern is structured and symmetrical, its a contemporary take on classic geometry. A more unusual laying pattern that will really turn heads.

The Key Stone

Amtico - Keystone laying pattern - WB Jamieson

The Key Stone laying pattern is a distinctive classic beauty; the intersecting key squares and octagonal tiles echo traditional geometry.

The Corona

Amtico - Corona laying patttern - WB Jamieson

The Corona pattern from the Amtico Decor range uses a kaleidoscopic pattern in complementary colours, looks stunning with a decorative border.  

The Arrow

Amtico - Arrow laying pattern - WB Jamieson

The arrow laying pattern uses contrasting colours and strong angles for a dramatic effect.

The French Weave

Amtico - French Weave - WB Jamieson

In this stunning pattern, planks criss-cross intricately inside elegant squares for a design that is reminiscent of the traditional wood flooring of old Chateau's.

The Basket Weave

Amtico - Basket weave flooring - WB Jamieson

The varied grains in the Basket Weave laying pattern make for a beautifully defined and and visually arresting design.

The Field Stone

Amtico - Field Stone - WB Jamieson

This laying pattern looks great with soft colours and subtle stripping for a fresh and inviting feel .

The Broken Bond

Amtico - Broken Bond - WB Jamieson

The Broken Bond laying pattern is a traditional and simple pattern for a timeless and classic look with no fuss. Available with optional stripping for a grouting effect.  

The Wicket

Amtico - Wicket - WB Jamieson

The wicket laying pattern utilises sections of horizontal planks enclosed in sections of vertical planks to visually break up the space. Ideal for large areas to bring a sense of structure to the room.

For more laying patterns or any further information regarding Amtico Vinyl Tiles, visit our flooring page or any other enquires email us here or call 01358 742086


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