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July 1st, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

WB Jamieson has been situated in Aberdeenshire for over 30 years, We have been involved with countless projects in and around the city, everything from large housing developments to refurbishing restaurants and cafes and of course updating and improving domestic homes.

Aberdeen has been the lifeblood of our business, and we have built many relationships with clients and business owners in the North-east of Scotland over our long period of service.

Some facts about Aberdeen...

The Nicknames

Aberdeen is known as the Granite city due to the huge amount of grey granite which is a local resource and is the make-up of the architecture throughout the city. Sometimes the city also gets nicknamed the Silver city by the Golden sands due to the sparkling nature of grey granite in the sunlight and famous for its long sandy golden beach to the east.

The Food


Scotland is famous for its Game and Salmon, which comes from the beautiful rugged and un-spoilt terrain. Venison, Pheasant, Grouse, Partridge, Pidgeon, Hare and Rabbit are all available from the area. A large farming community means that livestock such as sheep and cattle are kept all across Aberdeenshire. The Aberdeen Angus is one of the most famous beef cattle which is native to the region.


Other important foods such as Haggis, is made from offal, spices and suet in a sheep's stomach bag. Trust us, it tastes far more delicious than it sounds. 


Butteries, Rowies or Aberdeen rolls as are sometimes called are another local delicacy, these butter and lard laden treats are not for those on diets as a matter of fact, neither are the molten battered Mars bars which can be picked up in a fish shop. 


There is a thriving Craft Beer and Gin scene in Aberdeen, with companies such as Brewdog hailing from the local area. Of course the long heritage of Whiskey cannot be forgotten for which Scotland is famous. 


A traditional indulgent Scottish biscuit.

The City

Since the discovery of Oil in the North Sea, Aberdeen has come to be known the off-shore oil capital of Europe. In 2014-15 the city was affected by the Oil crash, but now we are starting to see the recovery of the industry and house prices.

The Rivers

The City of Aberdeen has been settled for at least 8000 years at the point where two large rivers; the Dee and the Don converge to the mouth of the sea.


Aberdeen is home to two prestigious Universities; the University of Aberdeen founded in 1495, and Robert Gordon University which was awarded University status in 1992.

Oil & Gas

Aberdeen's biggest industry is Petroleum with an estimate half a million jobs generated from industry.

The Team

Aberdeen's professional football club known as the Dons compete in the Scottish premiership and have never been relegated from the top division. The team has won four Scottish league titles, seven Scottish cups and six Scottish League cups. The Dons are also the only Scottish team to have ever won Two European trophies; the European Cup Winner's Cup and the European Super Cup.


The Aberdeen Press and Journal is one of the oldest newspapers in Britain. It was first printed in 1748.


Aberdeen Harbour and Torry Battery are an excellent location to watch pods of Bottlenose Dolphins in this feeding ground year round.

Local Dialect

Doric is the local dialect of the region, spoken across the North-east of Scotland. 


Scotland's oldest maze which was planted in 1935 can be found in Hazlehead Park.

AWPR Bypass

Recently the city has completed a huge bypass which has made travelling around Aberdeenshire far quicker and easier. The Bypass takes drivers straight to Potteron where the WB Jamieson showroom is based. So if you're looking for flooring, designer furniture or soft furnishings around Aberdeen its now easier to get to us than ever. Just pop 'WB Jamieson' into Google maps, or your Sat Nav and we will soon welcome you to the showroom.


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