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Amtico colour Edit ... Continued

September 5th, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

From Amtico:

Introducing four unique designs

Below are a variety of four different designs which have been put together by Amtico, from aged plaster and subtle watercolours, to more architectural tonal shadows. These are guides in ways to use colours to complement and 





With five fresh pastel shades and a soft chalky texture, Diffusion brightens schemes with its’ delicate hues. A gentle palette that’s suitable for a variety of spaces.





Developed through studies of Brutalist architecture, Modernist’s five colourways are inspired by light patterns on concrete, creating tonal shifts that give way to soft angles and a multitude of layers.




Stucco is softly textured for a fine, sophisticated finish. Nine hues, ranging from mottled watercolours to soft concretes and dry plaster, create the perfect tool for experimentation.




Bring earthy, raw texture to your space with Encaustic’s six colourways, influenced by the saturated tones of minerals, marble and semi-precious stones.

Visit our showroom or contact Amtico for more information.


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