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Amtico - What is it?

August 28th, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

Amtico has pretty much become a household name. When looking at hard-floor options, Amtico will almost certainly be one of the many options presented to you. This special product is incredibly versatile, durable, aesthetically pleasing and don't forget, Amtico is made right here in the UK under strict guidelines to ensure minimal impact to the environment.

Amtico is what we call Luxury Vinyl Tile (or LVT for short) This style of flooring offers many benefits over traditional and natural flooring materials. It is typically  more expensive than other flooring types such as laminate and vinyl sheet, however there are a wealth of reasons why this is the case.

- Amtico is firstly, very practical.
- It is water and stain resistance that makes it the ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms.
- The sheer variety of colours, designs, laying patterns, textured finishes and material effects means that the options are endless for customers wanting something unique to their space. 
- Amtico is suited to all rooms, especially wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, places where traditional woods and laminates may suffer.

What is LVT?

Amtico LVT is designed and manufactured at their specialist factory in Coventry, UK. Amtico LVT is high quality, unique and comes with genuine provenance.

Amtico tiles are manufactured with multiple layers of material which is heat-compressed to for the tile or plank. Each layer has a particular characteristic or purpose to fulfil within the finished product. Each layer is designed to exacting standards using high quality materials to ensure the final product is both beautiful and highly functional.

The multiple performance system of Amtico tiles.

 The layers of an Amtico plank

  1. Backing Layers - These supporting layers provide a foundation for the aesthetic layers, to guarantee high-performance. Created using 100% recyclable materials.
  2.  Aesthetic Layers - Amtico's in-house design team create a perfect replication of natural wood, stone and slate, as well as abstract effects.
  3. Performance Wear Layer 2 - The floor has a high density layer. Engineered to withstand potential indentations and protects against everyday wear and tear.
  4. Performance Wear Layer 1 - Ceramic impregnated for improved slip resistance and durability.
  5. Urethane Treatment - A Surface that protects against everyday wear and tear to ensure the floor retains its great aesthetics for years to come. Urethane treatment is standard on signature products

Why choose LVT?

The choice to use LVT for many, is an easy one. Laying Amtico tiles means that you are choosing an elegant floor that will not only look fantastic, but it will also hold up to daily wear, making this product a hard-wearing and practical. 

Huge selection

Amtico offers a wide ranges of tile/plank sizes, shapes and styles. Everything from simple plank and tiles to design-led patterns which are carefully created by Amtico's in-house designers. There is a style that will suit every space. For an extra element of elegance borders and decorative motifs can be added to the floor to make for stunning focal points.


Amtico tiles are tough. Resistant to scratches, dents and stains yet flexible enough to provide comfort underfoot and prevent cracking or chipping. It is ultimately one of the most practical options available for your home. One that is able to cope with a busy family with children and pets. Spillages are easily cleaned up and maintaining your Amtico floor simply requires a regular sweep an an occasional mop.

Peace of mind

As with all of Amtico's tiles you can expect a long lasting warranty. 

  • Lifetime warranty for Amtico Signature
  • 25 Years with Amtico Spacia

Making Amtico LVT an ideal long-term solution to flooring your home.

Hassle-free installation

Installation is often less disruptive than other flooring materials and can be laid fairly quickly. The reduced thickness of the LVT tiles also means that it is often not necessary to remove skirting or trim doors, which reduces installation time and retains the features of your property without having to resort to irreversible damage (particularly in period properties).


Due to the nature of LVT, it can be made in a vast number of material finishes these finishes can be divided into three categories:

Wood - These designs utilise planks in a variety of shapes, sizes and laying patterns to create a floor that resembles the real thing, with increased durability

Stone - Stone tiles resemble the many textures and tones found in the natural product, just with a less porous surface which is stain and scratch resistant 

Abstract - These tiles are not created to specifically resemble a natural product, instead they have unique colours, geometric patterns, and textures which are designed by Amtico's in-house design team.

Another excellent feature of Amtico LVT is that it is compatible with underfloor heating and will be safe for systems that go up to 27 degrees.

Where can I see Amtico's tiles

You can view all the Spacia, Form and Signature samples on Amtico's website, but we understand that a small thumbnail is not the best way to get an idea of how the tiles will look reality.

Fortunately, we have a large room in our Aberdeen showroom which houses samples and larger boards to get a better ideal of texture, colour, laying pattern and size. We are happy to arrange free samples for visitors to take away and we can provide any expert advice that you may require upon your visit.

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