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Get to know our brands...

September 24th, 2020

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

Sometimes we might be guilty of talking about the list of brands we stock in a way that sounds like everyone should be aware of what they produce and the story behind them. We have come to know a great deal about the offerings out there but that doesn't mean everyone does...

More realistically, the general public won't know a great deal about the individual brands we stock until they are doing a bit of their own research when they decide to fit a floor or perhaps replace a sofa. 

So we thought we'd put together this handy list of our brands and a brief description of what you can expect from products produced by them.

At WB Jamieson we have always had a focus on quality. Quality means a few things to us: products that serve their purpose exceptionally well, are made to last and are durable, have a design which looks beautiful, unique and is original.

So below we have divided some of our biggest brands into categories such as flooring, furniture and soft furnishings and added a brief description as to what you can expect from their offerings.


Biegert & Funk

Biegert & Funk are the brand behind one of the most striking and contemporary clock designs: the Qlocktwo. A clock that is very different from any other clock on the market and one that looks incredibly stylish. The Qlocktwo comes in a plethora of styles from small wristwatches to bedside table clocks and the classic which is the most widely recognised of the Qlocktwo designs. All variants feature a square face with in a range of interesting fascia materials and colours with a seemingly random collection of letters cut from the face. It is only when the clock is turned on you can appreciate that the letter spell out the time, backlit by LED's. A truly fascinating timepiece which is as much a conversation starter as a time teller.


Bonaldo has been making furniture for a while. Since 1936 to be exact. Bonaldo is synonymous with luxury. Made in Italy, Bonaldo delivers design that you would expect from a country that is known for it's output of authentic, high-quality, luxurious designs utilising fine materials and sharp modern design. Bonaldo items are true statement pieces for beautiful homes, where the owner is looking for something a bit more sophisticated and refined when compared anything else in the furniture category. Bonaldo is furniture for the connoisseur.


Emeco is another company which has been operating for many years. producing furniture continuously since 1940 Emeco chairs are still made in Pennsylvania USA, where they have always been made. Emeco certainly most widely known for its 'navy chair' which is a super strong and durable chair that was even said to survive torpedo attacks in the US navy. Hence the name. The chairs also feature widely on television and film. A staple choice for a scene in the question room of a crime thriller.

Established & Sons

Established & Sons is a British brand that supports and represents some of the greatest product and furniture designers of our time. Est. & Sons furniture, while made by a variety of designers all retain a forward thinking and bold design approach. The highest quality materials coupled with a strong vision is what you can expect from Established & Sons.


HAY furniture is beautiful, minimal, functional and affordable. Scandinavian by design, the HAY collection typifies the furniture expected from a group of countries that have developed a very clear movement in terms of design. The products are clean and functional, they are simple yet elegant and sophisticated. Unnecessary, frivolous additions are neglected in favour of function and pared back beauty.

Louis De Poortere

Louis De Poortere make more than mere carpets and rugs. The flemish company produces beautiful rugs, runners, carpets using time-honoured techniques but with a modern flair. Bright bold designs and forward thinking styles make this exciting company one that makes products that function to the highest specification, and draw the eye with stunning designs.


Magis pushes the boundaries of design. They have been doing so since 1976. Utilising new and innovative production methods to create products which are unique and instantly recognisable. Bold, Bright, Playful, Fun and stylish. Magis is a family favourite, making furniture that appeals to children and their parents alike.


Menu furniture is the connoisseurs choice. Elegant and immaculate, the sophisticated designs are the result of lengthy research and development by some of the most exciting contemporary designers. Expect luxurious materials and finishes across the collection.


Innovative and instantly recognisable lighting. Taking the humble light bulb and starting from scratch Plumen have developed lighting that is more beautiful and equally functional as its basic counterpart. 


Punt Mobles is a furniture manufacturer from Spain. Concerned with the finest details and craftsmanship. They have won many awards for their work and Punt furniture balances emotions and functionality. Each piece is the product of a attention to detail and a focus on excellence.


Sancal is another brand hailing from Spain. One that is proud of its heritage and never outsources the manufacturing of their products. There bold designs are functional and beautiful and they offer a large choice of upholstery options.


String Furniture is classically Scandinavian. Flexible, versatile and modern. Their modular systems make it simple to design a storage solution to fit your exacting requirements. 

Weaver Green

Weaver Green are one of the most forward thinking and progressive home/interiro brands we have come across in recent years. The planet is at the forefront of what they do. Re-using PET plastic from discarded bottles they create stunning wool-like rugs, that are durable, waterproof, easy to clean and help clean up the planet.



Amtico is a British flooring manufacturer through and through. Producing some of the finest quality vinyl tile flooring options available anywhere. Their huge range of styles, colours, materials, tile shapes, and laying patterns make this an exciting flooring option and a sensible one too. Easy to clean, hard-wearing, and the highest quality finishes make Amtico the choice of those who are looking for the best performing hard floors.


Quickstep makes in our opinion, some of the best Laminate flooring available. Again, a huge selection of options and with waterproof finishes available and at a very affordable price point, Quickstep will give the appearance and feel of the real thing, but at a much lower cost.


We work with a large number of carpet manufacturers, but with out a doubt, we do a huge amount of our work with Cormar Carpets. Made in England, these carpets are available in colours and styles that will complement your home and with there huge offering of different piles and styles you are sure to find a soft, warm and durable floor covering from this British manufacturer.


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