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Colour Trends

May 8th, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

Colour Trends

 Colours are a fantastic way to inject character, warmth, space, and emotion into a room. We have devised a guide to help you decide on what colours to add for your room, whether it is with soft furnishings, flooring or even furniture.

Using samples from our Soft Furnishings library; including fabrics, wallpapers, carpet and complementary Amtico flooring samples.


Beige - colour trends, soft furnishings


Beige is a colour that historically has unfairly received a bad name. The word itself has almost become synonymous with bland or boring. We think its time that Beige is given its due. The warm tones of beige provide a comfort and a sense of home. Cosy, authentic and natural, Beige brings a subtle, tranquil appearance to a room.


Teal - Colour trends, WB Jamieson


The Rich tones of teal and pine greens and sea greens offer a real drama in the home. When couple with warm golds, and brass, deep teals provide a depth and contrast that invoke a sense of grandeur. Even small splashes of this bold colour draw the eye and add intrigue and interest to a space.



Greys - colour trends, soft furnishings - WB Jamieson


Grey is a colour that has grown significantly in popularity in recent times. Grey's can be warm with slightly reddish hues or cooler with more blue tones. One thing that all greys provide is a masculinity and contemporary elegance.
When coupled with a bright optical white, grey provides a very crisp and considered finish.

 Blues - Colour trends, WB Jamieson


Blue can have a soothing and relaxing effect, bringing a reassuring calm to interior spaces in the lighter more pastel tones, whereas the deep midnight and indigo's and character and depth to a space. 


Yellow - Colour trends, soft furnishings from WB Jamieson


Yellows are transformative to a room, providing a sunny and bright atomosphere with warmth and radiance. Without being excessively bright and bold, desaturated yellows can add a gentleness whereas the spice shades of turmeric, cinnamon and cumin add a richness.


Pink - Colour trend, Soft furnishings - WB Jamieson


Pinks are a colour trend that cant be ignored. Again the more greyed or desaturated tones such as dusty pinks and soft blush colours are of particular interest. Forget the clichés formed around the colour. The right shades can provide a cosy, fresh and modern feel to a space. 



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