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Daylight Savings

October 29th, 2020

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

Autumn. It's that time of year... the leaves have begun to fall and turned a spectrum of warm hues, Pumpkins are appearing everywhere and the nights are drawing in. It's perhaps one of the most visually exciting seasons but it does have its drawbacks...

Recently the clocks went back, which is great for those lazy bones with an extra hour in the morning to drag themselves out of bed, but it does mean it gets dark incredibly early now and that can have an effect on our mental health.

This calls for lighting (and retail therapy)! 

It's amazing what lighting can do to a home and for your spirits (terrible halloween pun). By changing up your lighting or adding extra lamps you can completely transform your home and make it a nest to hibernate in as the colder days set in.

Below we've put together some lighting options from our store which will see you through even the gloomiest of days with style.

 Hay Pc Portable
HAY - PC Portable - Cream

Plumen Drop Cap
Plumen - Drop Cap

Menu - JDWA - Concrete

Menu Stone Lamp
Menu - Stone Lamp - Smoked

Menu - Chunk of Marble - Candle holder - Copper

Artek Hand grenade
Artek - Hand Grenade - Pendant - Black

Menu - Fire Hurricane - Smoked/Copper

Foscarini / Diesel - Cage Mic - Black
Email us for more information on any of the featured lamps:


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