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Decorating for baby

January 22nd, 2020

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

Decorating for baby

It's an exciting (and frightening time) the birth of a child can bring with it a huge list of tasks to be completed before the little one's arrival. 

While there will be lots of things to think about. There's one aspect we can certainly help with and give our advice on; Decorating for a baby's nursery.

Colour scheme?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a room colour; Do you know the sex in advance of the birth? If so, do you want your room to reflect the traditional colours for boy or girl? Or something more neutral? 

Colours used in nurseries are usually more muted tones, pastels and softer hues. This makes sense to provide a calming effect on the baby. Below are some excellent examples we found online. 

Rooms for a girl:

Pink girls room

girls room pink

Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration, we have no doubt there will be something on there that you will like. We recommend starting a digital scrapbook of the bits you find.

Rooms for a boy:

room ideas for a boy

nursery room ideas for boys

It can be a daunting task, piece together all of the elements that will go into your baby's room. That's where our expert interior designers can help. We can source, design and curate this special space to make an area that is a unique, welcoming and comfortable space for your little one.

Neutral rooms for a surprise:

Neutral room ideas

Neutral room ideas

There is no need to follow traditions with colours or even themes. With such a huge option of textures and tones available, you can make a cosy space for your newborn in neutral tones. natural textures of wood, wool, cotton and linen can make for a room that has character and soul.


We provide a large selection of wallpapers at WB Jamieson. Below are just some of the examples from some of our specialist manufacturers.

Villanova - Picture book collection

Typically you can find bold, fun designs which are very current and contemporary. There are some beautiful options available (especially for animal lovers). 

Contact us today for free samples from this range or to enquire further:

Villanova picture book wallcoverings and wallpaper

 Casadeco - Enfants

The collection from Casadeco is a minimalistic and contemporary approach to children's wallpaper. The simple shapes and muted tones will make for a calming atmosphere whether covering the entire room or just a feature wall. These coverings are special and timeless.

Casadeco wallpaper wallcoverings wbjamieson

Style Library - What a hoot

The offering from Style library is big and bold. Perfect for your little cheeky rascal. The prints feature bright primary colours and subject matter aimed at both girls and boys. Dinosaurs, ballerinas and toy cars feature in this collection which splashes the walls with the child's library what a hoot wall coverings

When buying wall paper (especially for a baby's nursery) look at wipe-able, durable options for any mishaps that could potentially occur.

Soft Furnishings

Our in-house soft furnishings department is capable of putting together a whole range of made-to-measure, unique, bespoke and quirky items, constructed from some of the finest fabrics and textiles available. 

We have experience not only making the usual things you might associate with soft furnishings... (ie. curtains, blinds, and cushions) We can also make beautiful throws, comforters, and even canopies for your baby's cot. Fabrics

We have a vast library of fabrics and textiles at our Aberdeen showroom, couple that with years of experience and expertise built up by our seamstresses and you have a winning combination that can deliver your project the the high standard you should expect.

For all enquiries regarding fabrics, wallpapers, or soft furnishing in general, please contact


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