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Designer Profile: Richard Woods

October 30th, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

Richard Woods, artist and designer

Designer Profile: Richard Woods

Today we are going to look at the body of work produced by British artist Richard Woods. Known for his bold and bright graphic designs found in a wide range of disciplines including Art, Architecture, Sculpture and Interiors. Richard Woods personal style is distinctive and immediate. 

Wrong woods cabinets

At WB Jamieson we originally took stock of his collaborative work with designer Sebastian Wrong. Back in 2009 (10 years ago!?!) the pair collaborated for Established & Son, producing a collection that to this day still resonates with customers for its bold, fun and striking prints on functional, beautiful pieces.


The wrong woods cabinet at Established & Sons showroom


In more recent times Richard has created work for HAY, the danish furniture and lifestyle brand in the form of the Tree Trunk Vase and the Wood Mug which carries his signature style.


The HAY Wood mug

His inimitable style takes traditional architectural and interior motifs and exaggerates them in bold or contrasting colours which are then applied to objects as a sort of second skin. Transforming the original piece into something completely different and unique.


Richard woods architectural work


Using traditional hand-crafted techniques to apply these motifs to various objects means that each piece is unique and it allows for variation within the bold graphic shapes and lines. For example the WrongWoods furniture is printed with hand-rollered blocks. This technique leaves slight imperfections in the final finish which add a depth and quality that machines cannot duplicate. Where the vase and mugs are concerned for HAY, the black glazed lines which give the impression of wood grain are painted individually by hand, further adding character and uniqueness.


See the video below showing how these pieces are finished:

Tree Trunk Vase - HAY

 You can see more of Richards work on his instagram feed:





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