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Eco flooring - Join the green revolution and choose a flooring option that doesn't cost the earth.

February 13th, 2020

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

Green, Sustainable and Eco-friendly - Whatever you call it, we all need to start thinking about carpet's impact on the Earth.

It is 2020, there are a lot of issues affecting our planet right now. It has never been more relevant or important than it is now to take a more conscious and sustainable approach to everything we do. In this particular case we want to look at carpets and help you determine what is available to you which will be a beautiful and functional product that won't have a detrimental or negative effect on the planet.

Below we have laid out some flooring options that don't cost the planet.

Firstly, Let's take a look at what the problem with traditional carpet options are. Its easy to simply say they are not inherently eco-friendly but for a greater understanding and what we need to be aware of lets get down to the why's?:

There are numerous reasons why your everyday carpet may cause health and environmental issues below are just some of them:

  • Indoor air quality
  • Chemical Emissions from manufacturing
  • Chemical emissions from disposal
  • Solid waste impacts
  • Micro plastics
  • Handling problems due to the heavy weight and unusual bulky loads  known for
  • Difficult to recycle

When choosing a 'green' or Eco-friendly carpet option there are a few important points to consider the environmental impact of a carpets attributes:

  • Third-party environmental certifications
  • Low or no volatile organic compounds (VOC's)
  • Safer dyes, backing and adhesives
  • Recycled-content / natural fibres
  • End-of-Life take back programs from the manufacturer

Types of Green and Eco-friendly carpets:

Eco-Friendly carpets are becoming more and more prevalent. As customers are becoming more aware of the processes involved in making everyday carpet which involve large amounts of chemicals, plastics and waste, manufacturers know they must respond to the demand for a cleaner alternative solution. While we are just beginning to see the rise in demand for more Eco-conscious carpet options, we are in no doubt that these greener and more environmentally friendly options will become more and more wide-spread as legislation and societal norms continue to develop and awareness increases.

Carpets made from natural and renewable fibres tend to be the most environmentally friendly. 

This includes:

  • Sisal
  • Organic Wool
  • Seagrass
  • Coir
  • Organic Cotton
  • Jute
  • Bamboo

Not only are these fibres naturally occurring, they don't require a lot of chemicals like fertiliser and pesticides to produce.

It should be noted that there is increased development in recycled carpets which utilise the huge amount of post-consumer plastic waste such as PET plastic bottles. Giving this material a new life, one not compromised in quality or effectiveness and one that actually offers excellent durability and functionality. When this carpet becomes worn and needs replaced it can be further down-cycled to produce insulation or furniture wadding.

Alternative eco friendly, green and sustainable carpet options

The materials used to create these carpets are biodegradable and do not require a lot of fertiliser and pesticides to produce.

Unfortunately, many carpets are currently treated with chemicals which serves to preserve their appearance and extended their life. While this, much like single use plastic does an important job to a point, it also raises new issues of it's own. The chemicals themselves can cause environmental issues. Natural flooring without the addition of powerful and environment damaging chemicals has to have a trade off. In choosing a greener and more sustainable solution, convenience often suffers. Looking at the bigger picture, perhaps it's time we choose the option that has the least environmental impact.

Make a more informed decision on your carpet choice. For any questions or advice about flooring then or greener options available from WB Jamieson, then contact us: 01358 742086 or email: Email us here.

We have some fantastic options from Manufacturers such as Alternative Flooring and Adam Carpets. And Rugs from Weaver Green.


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