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Emeco Chairs - The torpedo proof chair

March 19th, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

History of the Emeco Navy Chair 

The 1006 chair (also known as the Navy chair) has a story like no other. A chair developed for the US Navy which was originally designed for use on the deck of battleships and built to survive sea and air torpedo blasts.

The 1006 Navy chair original sketches

The Navy chair is therefore possibly one of our more historically significant pieces. One that is tough, functional, all while being aesthetically appealing. This hardy and unassuming piece of furniture is is apologetically cool.

WWII US Battleship that the Navy chair was designed for

The aluminium construction of the 1006/Navy chair makes it incredibly durable while being very lightweight.

An iluustration by Jean Julien depicting the uses of the Navy Chair
"The chair had to be lightweight, fireproof, able to withstand the salt air and,
most importantly, durable and hold up against the big burly sailors."

Before WWII Emeco Founder Wilton C. Dinges reportedly demonstrated the chairs durability by launching it from the eight story window of a Chicago hotel where the Navy where examining submissions. It bounced, but didn't break or bend and only had a few minor scratches.
Illustration by Jean Julien of the Emeco 1006 Navy chairAlthough the metal from old warships was turned to scrap, the Aluminium
Navy chairs were saved because they were made so well.

When the war had finally ended Emeco took their design to prisons, hospitals and government offices, later the chair could be found furnishing the interiors of restaurants during the 80's and 90's and it wasn't until the 2000's that the chair was then sold as a designer chair with history.

The Aluminium 1006 Navy chair from Emeco

In 2010 Emeco released a collaboration with Coca-Cola to create the 1006 from recycled plastic PET bottles and aluminium tins, after a growing pressure to make a durable and sustainable product from their waste. It was hoped that this would encourage other manufacturers to take notice and do the same.

Emeco x Coca-cola - Recycled Plastic Navy 111 chair - illustration by Jean Julien

The Emeco 1006 chair has become an iconic piece of furniture which has been featured in many magazines and movies such as The Matrix and CSI among others.

The Emeco 1006 Navy chair as featured in the movie "The Matrix"

The 1006 chair has been referred to as "the prison chair" due to its use in government prisons and prison-related movie scenes.

 The Emeco x Coca-cola Navy 111 chair

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