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Getting ready for the winter

November 14th, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

Getting your home ready for winter

Autumn is here, the days are increasingly becoming darker and shorter and the mornings begin with a frost and crispness that signals the onset of winter. 

It is a beautiful time of the year, and one that brings a lot of colours with it. All around us are reds, browns, oranges and yellows. The leaves are falling and it got us thinking about the changes we will be making in our homes...

Gearing up the home for Winter, when we inevitably spend more time in them, is not only fun and exciting, but can add so much to our lives. That wonderful feeling of getting home after a long day and relaxing in a beautiful, cosy space is what we're after here. We have compiled a list of tips and ideas to help your home transition from the bright summer days to the dark wintry ones. 

From an interior design overhaul to little, inexpensive changes which can be made to improve your home and get it ready for the magical, and festive time of year... Here are our tips for transforming your abode into a snug and stylish place to curl up in:

Cover the windows

Soft furnishings additions to windows in the way of thick, or heavy curtains, not only creates visual interest but increases the insulation of the room by stopping heat being lost through a rooms weakest point: the Windows. Think about utilising luxurious textured fabrics which will add a softness and further increase that sense of Hygge.



Add layers of texture

If we think of a house in the same way as we think of ourselves; We wear less in the summer months and layer up in the colder seasons. It makes sense that employing this same idea in our homes has a cosy effect. Layers of texture build on one another to create visual interest and further enhance that nest-like quality to a welcoming space in the depths of winter. 


Change your colours

A relatively inexpensive option to immediately change the look of your home in time for winter (if you are handy with a paintbrush) is simply to paint a wall a different colour. There are lots of colours which will add warmth to a room and these aren't just resigned to the reds, oranges and yellows. Rich, deep and dark colours can also have a warming presence. Think deep teals, forest greens and even shades of black, which, with the right application can introduce a cosiness that will make you glad to be in the sanctuary of your home. 


Laying Carpet 

A luxurious, high-piled carpet is the ultimate winter-warmer. Cold feet just won't cut it. If your flooring has seen better days and you have been considering replacing with a new carpet, then... 'tis the season to lay new carpet and enjoy the benefits of it! 

Cover up those hard floors

It won't be practical for most people to lay new carpet down. What we can do though, is add some beautiful rugs and runners to hard floors adding texture and most importantly warmth to a space.

Rugs, however, can offer more than just a warm, comfortable surface to walk on. Utilising pattern, colour and texture within the rug's design, you can create a bold statement, or conversely create a sense of harmony by tieing it in with the rest of the room.  

Cover your sofa in cushions

Autumn and Winter in the home are all about creating the sense of comfort and security. Surrounding ourselves with soft cushions and lots of textures will give a real sense of home. Now is the time to add some soft furnishings to your sofa for those nights in front of the tv.  



Get an armchair

Reading a good book in a comfortable armchair is the epitome of the word 'Hygge' (enjoying life's little pleasures). Spending time on a beautiful armchair in a warm corner of your room with a mug of hot chocolate has got to be an evening well spent. 


Glistening metallic's

Think about adding a bit of glitz and sparkle to your home. Metallic's such as Golds, bronzes, Brass and Coppers give a warming glisten that ooze luxury. You can go for the rustic, Scandinavian-cabin look, or you can take it in the opposite direction and use sumptuous fabrics, fixtures and fittings in metallic tones to really accentuate the sense of glamour and indulgence that this time of year is known for.


Make your home a jungle

Winter traditionally represents death. Dark I know. It's a time when the trees go dormant, wildlife hibernates and waits out the storm. Although Winter signifies the death of crops and more poetically the death of the Sun, there is a way to bring life into your home. By adding houseplants into your home you can create a rich, green haven indoors, even if outside is blanketed with snow and ice.



Who doesn't love bed?

What a wonderful place bed is. In the wintry depths there's no greater feeling than being snuggled up in a plump duvet with plenty of throws and cushions.

Think about adding interesting texture with the addition of throws and blankets, big soft cushions with frills or made from velvet's and other high-pile fabrics might mean that you never want to get up from your slumber. 


Use Lighting to make your home cosy

With the shorter days, comes less light. This is the ideal time to add lamps and interesting lighting to create warming cosy areas in your home with soft glowing light.

A simple change such as replacing cold, brilliant white bulbs in your fittings with something warmer and less harsh can have a dramatic effect. Also, the use of multiple small light sources in a space adds a cosy feeling and creates a depth. 


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