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Hello darkness, my old friend.

September 27th, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

You needn't be afraid of the dark...

Choosing to embrace the darkness for a contemporary interior style

For a long time the trend of whitewashing spaces and using a very light neutral palette has been prevalent in homes. Since the peak of this trend a couple of years back, we have gradually began to see customers join the dark-side. 

Clarke & Clarke fabric in a dark interior
Dark, rich and bold colours offer something that their lighter counterparts just cannot manage to muster. With dark tones, a space is instantly given character. darkness bring a mystery and drama to a space.

String furniture in a dark green dining room setting

Darker colours can also bring with them a warmth and a cosiness. Atmosphere is in abundance with clients opting for colours such as blacks, navy's, dark-greens and greys that venture towards the darker, more charcoal end of the scale. 

Sumptuous velvets against dark backdrops with fabric from Clarke & Clarke

Quite simply put there is no need to be afraid of the dark. Start by using in restrained areas moderately, perhaps employing the rich deep paint on a feature wall. Dark colours work particularly well when contrasted against crisp white fixtures and fittings such as cornices, coving, skirting and even glossed windowsills.

An opulent dark coloured bedroom

when you consider adding darkness to your space instead of the fear of an oppressive and confined appearance, consider how to utilise colour and tone to create an opulence, coupled with sumptuous fabrics and furnishings to add texture and depth.



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