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Hide the clutter!

February 4th, 2020

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

It's not quite spring yet and we're sure there are a few more cold snaps to come before the daffodils start to appear, that said, it feels right to start thinking about a spring clean.

Giving the house a thorough, deep clean helps settle the mind and can be transformative.

As we lead busy lives, we tend to accumulate things. Everything from unwanted gifts and scraps of paper with scribbled notes to stuff we actually, really need. While minimalism is an enviable aesthetic, for many of us it is just not a practical way to live. 

Our lives are more complicated than ever with a necessity to multi-task and inevitably our busy lives create a wake of mess and things to get in order.

Do not fear. There is a way to obtain that Instagram worthy interior...

Hide the clutter. 

... Okay, so there are probably better ways of clearing space, like getting rid of things you don't use by sifting through the hodgepodge, paying a visit to the charity store to drop stuff off etc. You get the idea. 

In the meantime, for both a long and short term solution... there are cupboards, shelves, drawers and other nooks and crannies to hide away the non-aesthetic jumble.

Below we have put together a list of some of our very stylish solutions to help you reclaim your space. Check our our suggestions to restore the order and organise the the chaos:

Storage (Open)

Here we have selected some storage options that don't so much 'hide' the clutter, instead this selection gives a purposeful space for those trinkets to sit. On view, in a place where they don't present an obstacle.

1. The String System 

String system storage

The String System is a modular solution that provides an incredible amount of flexibility in terms of storage. The wire (or plex) side panels serve as a structure from which to select and build a storage solution that can incorporate everything from angled shelves, organiser pods, rails for clothing, magazine holders, trays and work desks to sliding door cupboards and folding tables. The possible configurations are endless and the number of modules to select from means that the String system has a solution suited to you.

To find out more about this System and receive a free brochure, contact one of our experts today: or 01358 742086

2. The Menu Stick System


Menu Stick System

The Menu Stick System is an open storage solution that keeps your possessions ordered and tidied while still allowing them to be on full view. This stunning structure combines powder-coated steel shelves with ash to produce a structure that is modern and tactile.

To learn more about the Stick System and to receive a free brochure, contact one of our experts today: or 01358 742086

3. Punt Mobles - Literatura

Literatura open storage

The Punt Mobiles Literatura is a very classy storage option. It simply oozes sophistication. Employing Noble, exquisite materials like wood and metal make it more selected, elegant, exquisite and subtle. Learn more about this storage solution by emailing or calling us today: or 01358 742086.

4. HAY - Eiffel Shelf

Hay Eiffel shelf

The HAY Eiffel shelf is a contemporary and clean lined-structure which comes in a few variations of size, shape and colour. The Eiffel shelf lends itself to a modern home and is a subtle but beautiful option to nestle away objects in an ordered and organised way while still providing full visibility.

Email or call us for further details on the HAY Eiffel shelving: or 01358 742086

Storage (Concealed)

5. Established & Sons - Wrong Woods

WRONGWOODS L2600 1065 R Woods and S Wrong c2017 Establishedand Sons c James Champion Lifestyle 01 72dpi

The Established & Sons Wrong Wood collection of storage cabinets is a bold and quirky option which utilises a graphic wood-grain design which has been a strong feature in Sebastian Wrongs product and furniture design throughout his portfolio of work. Available in bold contrasting colours, and screen-printed onto the surface of the cabinets makes for a finish which is unique to each piece.

Learn more about this striking, yet functional design from the collaboration of Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong for Established & Sons.  
Email us or call for more details: or 01358 742086

6. Punt Mobles - Sussex

Punt sussex cabinet

The Sussex range of cabinet and storage solutions from Punt Mobles are beautifully crafted, Scandinavian inspired collection of sideboards and TV benches which consist of a horizontal bar motif that runs the length of the units. The bars serve as more than just an aesthetic addition as they allow for a clean handle-less surface providing a more subtle approach to the traditional handle for the drawers and doors. The solid forms are juxtaposed with small inconspicuous plinths with adjustable feet, giving the overall piece a lightness. The Sussex range also allows for wall hanging making this a versatile piece.

To discover more about the Susses range of storage options contact our sales consultant: or call: 01358 742086



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