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Investment Pieces and how to choose them.

June 3rd, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

What is an investment piece?

Investment pieces are the foundation of a stunning home which defy time. They are the items which will hold their value, look great, and usually even better with wear, with you for a long time, gathering a history and context over time, often becoming "a personal favourite". These are pieces of furniture are perhaps almost extensions of ourselves. You buy them far less often but will most likely use them many more times than most trend-based items. The investment piece shows its worth over time.

Design icons have incredible staying power, looking as contemporary now as they did when they were originally designed. Today, Homeowners are purchasing investment pieces that will look just as good and relevant in the future as they do today.

At our showroom, classic pieces of furniture are mixed in style however they all have a few things in common; artistic vision, high-quality, durability, skilled craftsmanship and innovation. Many of them work in a variety of settings, contrasting or complimenting against their surrounds.

The Lounge Chair

Pieces like the Eames Lounge chair, have reached iconic status over the years. While an original from Vitra can cost around £6-7k these chairs are built to last, and in time, make the perfect hierloom to be handed down to future generations. The luxurious leather only gets better with age. There are a few factors which make a piece of design worthy of being entitled 'Classic'. A classic piece of furniture should be well-designed and fit for purpose, it should be meticulously constructed, from high-quality materials. It should be authentic and it's uniqueness is key to being classed as a timeless piece of furniture. The Eames Lounge Chair is a perfect example of a piece of furniture which carries all of these credentials. Read more about it here.

Shop our the Vitra Eames Lounge chair here.

Vitra - Eames Lounge Chair

Appreciation for the these timeless pieces comes from understanding the stories and the history behind them. The appreciation for the work of artisans and their skill has become more favoured over mass-produced, soulless products in recent times which are ubiquitous, are most likely not environmentally sound with limited rights for the workers.

When choosing an investment piece, the most important factor is choosing furniture that you can live with everyday. Classics are not affected by passing trends, retaining, and in some cases, increasing in value over time. 

Quality Assured

The products and brands which we stock at WB Jamieson, are not led by passing trends, instead their craftsmanship, quality and integrity remain intact. This means that the furniture will stand the tests of time, remaining classic and effortlessly cool.

Emeco - Clean, classic and green

Over the last 5 to 10 years there has been a noticeable resurgence in craftsmanship within contemporary design. More people are concerned with provenance, quality, and even the environmental impact our things have on the environment. The Emeco Chair is an excellent example of something that is truly understated and cool with a most incredible history and story to tell. We have written a blog post about the chair itself here but it should be said that this chair is the product of impeccable design and engineering capability.

Aluminium Emeco chairs lined up in the factory - WB Jamieson

The Emeco chair is an example of classic design that will last a lifetime and more. We have two variants in our showroom from Emeco's collaboration with Coca-Cola where the chairs are constructed from recycled Aluminium cans and Plastic bottles. A sustainable and ethical solution to an issue that needs addressed. 

Forget the Fakes

Good design unfortunately tends to be copied. While low price will forever be a draw for people, as Benjamin Franklin once said: "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." We encourage everyone to buy responsibly. Fakes are not good for the consumer nor the the people involved with the chair's design and production. The designer doesn't get paid for the work they produce, the stockist/retailer suffers, the workers who manufacture the fakes are paid poorly and have to suffer terrible working conditions. The chemicals and the processes that go into the environment are often more damaging as the companies who produce them are not held to the same strict standards and assurances that the authorised manufactures are. Finally, the customer, while getting a product that may look similar to the original, it will be a far lower-quality and inferior product that funds crime and will most definitely not be as durable or governed by the same safety regulations as the original.

What to look for in investment pieces

  • You should look to invest in classic design that last a lifetime. Invest wisely rather than on mass-produced furniture pieces that can be found anywhere.
  • Trust your instincts and buy furniture that you love as it is you that will be living with it. forming an emotional connection is essential.
  • Try not to be guided by fashions or current trends and think about the investment as a future heirloom.
  • Ask yourself: Is it adaptable? Is it high-quality? Is the furniture well-designed for its purpose? Is it authentic? Is it following a short-lived trend? Will it have a longevity?
  • Choose something that works for you that is comfortable and usable. Think of the furniture as a functional sculpture. Rather than basing your purchase solely on aesthetics.


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