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Quick-Step Laminate Guide

April 9th, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

Quick-Step Laminate

Laminate has come on leaps and bounds in a short space of time. A few years ago, laminate was nothing more than a wood substitute, an unconvincing look-a-like. Today laminate is an excellent option for many homes. Not only has the appearance and surface texture been dramatically improved, laminate flooring now comes with the reassurance of being waterproof, coming with a 25 year warranty and even a scratch guard to protect the surface from accidental damages.

Our laminate of choice is Quick-Step. We have been supply and fitting Quick-Step laminate which we feel is an excellent product, one that is easy to maintain, durable and maintains a natural authentic look.

With a huge selection of colours and finish there is something for every space; from light, clean floors too warm brown classics and even reclaimed floors with knots and cracks. 

Why choose Laminate?

Laminate is just like the real thing, giving a wood effect which wont warp or move like traditional wood floors, can be supplied in a water-proof finish and also has excellent protection against stains and scratches and all at a generally lower price point.

Is Quick-Step Waterproof?

Moisture is no problem for Quick-Step laminate with Hydro-Seal which offers a 100% waterproof surface. ‘Majestic’ and ‘Impressive (Ultra)’ laminate floors have an innovative, water-repellent ‘HydroSeal’ coating even in the grooves, so that no water can penetrate.

Details make the difference

Each laminate floor has its own story and unique look and feel. The Quick-Step designers carefully select the structure, treatment, finishing and bevel, perfectly in line with the character of each floor design.

Quick-Step planks are available in a variety of dimensions some with a waterproof surface, and particular products are available for commercial use as well as the regular residential use. Quick-Step also offers a range of structures which give differing textures to the products.

Some examples of colours and finishes from the Impressive Ultra range


Elegant Wood structure

A subtle surface texture with a fine grain structure that gives a wood effect with a very natural look and feel.

Natural Wood Structure

A surface texture where the grain, knots and cracks that are visible in the design can also be felt in the surface structure of the laminate floor. This perfect combination of design and structure ensures that the floor looks and feels like real wood.

Intense Wood Structure

This distinct structure has varying depths and gloss levels accentuating the knots and cracks. The design and surface structure is more pronounced that the natural wood structure.

Stone Structure

A surface texture that realistically displays the structure of a stone pattern.

Fantasy Structure

A surface texture that has a look and feel of exclusive materials such as leathers and fabrics.

Quick-Step structure options



A surface effect that gives the appearance of brushed wood. The brushed treatment adds depth and authenticity to a laminate floor.

Saw Cut

This effect gives the impression of rough sawn wood thanks to the visible and tangible saw cuts


A hand-scraped surface treatment gives a crafted, hand-worked finish to your floor.

Treatment examples of Quick-Step flooring at WB Jamieson


Extra matt finish

An extra matt surface look

Matt finish

A matt surface look.

Silk/matt finish

The varying gloss levels accentuate the structure of the floor.

Silk finish

A silk surface look

Silver frost finish

A surface effect that highlights the wood grains by running a subtle silvery tone through them.

Finishing options of Quick-Step flooring


Large Bevel

Distinctive grooved edges offer the look of an expansive solid plank floor.

Micro Bevel

Fine micro-beveled edges clearly delineate the planks.

Genuine Bevel

This bevel is perfectly suited to the character of the floor. The colour, design and structure of the plank are visible right through the bevel.

Impressive Bevel

Effect that emphasises planks in a subtle way.

Bevel options of Quick-Step flooring


Quick-Step is available with matching trims including Incizo bars, stair trims, pipe covers and doormats.

The Environment

Quick-Step planks use carefully screened raw materials and invest in energy efficient production while making continuous efforts to recycle, reduce and renew throughout the entire Quick-Step manufacturing process.

For further flooring enquiries, free samples and booklets please contact:, call 013587 42086 or visit the showroom and our large laminate, LVT and carpet display in Potterton, just outside of Aberdeen.


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