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Menu - Simple Scandinavian design

March 7th, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour


The Scandinavian furniture and home-ware design studio.

The Danish brand Menu produces designs that are quietly understated, minimalistic and the quintessence of cool.

Menu - Detail of JWDA lamp - WB Jamieson
The stunning sculptural form of the Menu JWDA

Adopting a Scandinavian approach to design, Menu's collection of work employs shape, form and texture, executed by the mastery of the designers among their collaborators.

Menu - Sweeper and Funnel - WB Jamieson
The Menu Sweeper and Funnel is a simplistic, intelligent revision of the dust-pan and brush

Not too much, nor too little. The pared-back designs are essential and sophisticated. This theme of restraint informs all of Menu's designs. Form and function are always taken into consideration, after all, a beautiful product that does not fulfil its task is rendered useless. Always well thought through, Menu's designs are adapted to create solutions for modern living.

Menu - JWDA lamp - WB Jamieson
 Menu JWDA in a Still life composition with the Menu Circular bowl also featured

Collaboration brings with it new ideas, working method and processes which allow for progressive and intelligent design. Names such as Norm Architects, Note Design Studio and Afteroom are design houses who have garnered respect and praise of their peers, particularly within the Scandinavian design scene. 

Menu - Design process  - WB Jamieson
 Menu Designer working on lighting prototype 

Examples of Menu's intelligent and unexpected design can be seen in products like a practical Dust-pan and brush design which is so simplistic in its conception, it is astounding no-one has thought of the design before, The JWDA lamp with its unusual form is both a visual feast of elegant shapes and a highly functional light. The cage mirror is an unexpected design which utilises a clean and contemporary mirror whilst behind it, a cage provides discreet storage for towelling. 

Menu - Mirror Cage

 The Menu Cage Mirror - Available at WB Jamieson

Menu's Products are manufactured using sustainable materials, where possible they are produced locally, employing and preserving local craftsmanship. This is Menu's approach to as they say "making the world a little better and a little nicer to wake up in.

  Menu - Tailor - Sofa 
The stunning back of the Menu Tailor Sofa - Available at WB Jamieson

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