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New Build? - Where to start!

April 29th, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

New Build? Where to start?

Buying a new home is an exciting time, so many possibilities, so many decisions and choices. Understandably, for many, it is also an incredibly stressful time. We have put together this helpful guide to make it a little easier.

Starting from Scratch with a new build is both exciting and daunting. The list below will give you a handy step-by-step checklist to keep you on the right path.

Cala Homes - Milltimber

We work closely with a number of housebuilders including Cala Homes, Stewart Milne, and Muir Homes


  • A lot of rooms will present a blank canvas, so we believe the best place to start with is the kitchen;
  • Consider the finishes of your tiles, work tops and doors;
  • These will inform your kitchen flooring selection;
  • The same should apply for bathrooms and en-suites;

Amtico Signature hallway flooring - WB Jamieson

Pro Tip: Flooring finishes with a mixture of different tones and colours can help to connect to separate elements in your space.

Hallway - Amtico flooring

  • Consider extending your kitchen flooring into other rooms, including your hallway – this will help to create some continuity between rooms;
  • If you decide to select carpet options, look at those which compliment your hallway selection;
  • When considering flooring for a new home, we would suggest limiting the amount of different flooring types and colours. This can be more effective than a patchwork of different flooring options in every room, and presets a fluidity. Instead use the furniture, soft furnishings and decorative elements to separate areas and spaces;
  • Your stair carpet could be plain, but take time to consider whether a design will connect and compliment both the downstairs flooring to what it meets on the top;
  • For the bedrooms, if you are considering carpet, sometimes less is more. Having the same colour in all bedrooms presents a unified appearance and again, personal objects and decor can inject the personality and character to a room or space the flooring can provide a platform for this.

Some of our flooring suppliers: 
Quickstep | Amtico | Jacaranda | Cormar | Louis De Poortere | JAB | Telenzo | Woodpecker 

Amtico kitchen flooring - WB Jamieson
Furniture & Lighting

  • A great way to furnish a new home is to select your key pieces early on and starting with the sofa. Whether it is a new purchase or from a previous home, it will be an important element in your room;
  • Pinterest, Eporta, Clippings and Houzz are great for providing inspiration and innovative interior design ideas;
  • Be led by products, colours, or fabrics you love – your home should reflect your own personal style and taste;
  • Adding individual pieces (perhaps heirlooms or a quirky new purchase) will help to make your interior truly unique and create a space you have a real connection with these can also be used as focal points within the room;
  • Our can expertly advise on furniture options and room layouts saving you time and expense.
  • You can read more about flooring from our blog posts here: Runners, Laminate, Amtico laying patterns, LVT vs Vinyl, Choosing the right carpet, The benefits of Amtico

SHowroom interior - WB Jamieson

Visit our Showroom or Website for stunning furniture options. If you have something particular in mind.

Call us for advice and information: (01358) 742086

WB Jamieson Furniture Showroom


Soft Furnishings & Blinds

  • Now that you have your flooring scheme sorted, make sure you get samples or small off-cuts of all of your finalised selections;
  • This will help you to make informed material selections;
  • Focus on a particular room at a time instead of trying to manage everywhere at once. Again, the kitchen is a good place to start;
  • Roller blinds and Venetian blinds work well in bathrooms and kitchens – you could always add interest later with a pelmet;
  • Roller blinds, Venetian blinds are relatively inexpensive options which will give you immediate privacy – other layers such as roman blinds, curtains or pelmets can be added too. creating a more finished and detailed appearance;
  • Your lounge and/or family area will be informed by your sofa and other furniture finishes – even drawing from colours from your sofa colour will help to form a connection between the two but allow you to introduce additional accent colours;
  • For the bedrooms, pick your bed and furniture options first. We have such a large fabric selection that there will be plenty of beautiful options to select from;
  • Our Design Team at WB Jamieson will be able to expertly measure, design and fit your soft furnishing and blind schemes.
  • You can read our blogs about blinds and curtains here.

Curtains and pelmets from WB Jamieson


Paint & Wallpaper

  • You may need to wait a short time before fitting wallpaper and/or painting. New build properties can have movement and so you are better allowing your home to settle;
  • Unless you are determined, It may also be better to wait until after your snagging period has ended. Just in case there are necessary remedial works which need to be carried out. Your House-builder will not ordinarily replace wallpaper or re-paint for you, but rather return the area to its original finished condition;
  • We still love feature walls – they are a brilliant way of creating a focal point in a new home;

Casadeco wallpaper - WB Jamieson

  • Consider wallpaper for your stair wall – it can emphasise the height and help to connect your upstairs and downstairs;
  • Be daring and bold, but apply constraint for a finish that retains a stylish finish and add personality and character.

Casadeco - Encyclopedia - WB Jamieson

Some of our Soft furnishing suppliers:

Style Library  |  Zoffany  |  Sanderson  |  Morris & Co  |  Scion  |  Black Edition  |  Kirkby Design  |  Studio G  |  Wind  |  Kobe  |  Cole & Son  |  ILIV  |  Hooked on Walls  |  Caselio  |  Zinc  |  Elitis  |  Texdecor  |  Anthology  |  BN Wallcoverings  |  Tektura  |  James Brindley  |  Blendwerth  |  Casamance  |  Casadeco  |  Villa Nova  |  Romo  |  Voyage  |  JAB  |  Prestigious Textiles  |  Carlucci  |  Chivasso  |  Camango  |  Porter & Stone  |  Today Interiors  |  Wemyss  |  Abraham Moon & Sons  |  Sekers  |  Harlequin  |  Clarke & Clarke  


Buying a new build property might mean that you may have the same house type as your neighbours, but that is where the similarities can end – your interior space can be designed to be completely individual. We love helping our clients realise their new homes' potential.



Our design team - WB Jamieson

Connect with our knowledgeable and helpful staff here:

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