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Rugs, Blankets and throws

February 9th, 2021

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

Louis de Poortere

Louis de Poortere have a long history of crafting the finest rugs. The Belgian company which has been weaving for over 100 years, creates floor coverings of exceptional quality with unique styles in a versatile range of colours, suitable for any contemporary home. 

At WB Jamieson we have some beautiful examples available including rugs from Louis de Poortere's Mad Men and Fading World collections. 

Woven on Jacquard Wilton looms, from a combination of pure new wool and cotton chenille yarns, each rug is made up of multiple layers of texture, and features intentionally distressed areas with intricate stitching detail to give an authentic vintage appearance. 

Louis De Poortere - Fading World Neutral Grey 8639 Rug - In Stock - ready to ship - Louis De Poortere - WB Jamieson

Louis De Poortere - Mad Men Columbus Rug 8419 - In Stock - ready to ship - Louis De Poortere - WB Jamieson

Louis De Poortere - Fading World Grey Turquoise 8255 Rug - In Stock - ready to ship - Louis De Poortere - WB Jamieson

Vitra Eames wool blanket

The Eames wool blanket is another example from the husband and wife duo's extensive collection of homeware and furniture products which they designed together throughout their lives. The Eames wool blanket is constructed from a super fine and soft Merino lambswool yarn, which gives the blanket its light, yet warm quality. The repeated 'dot pattern' motif is produced as a jacquard, meaning that the reverse of the blanket shows the pattern in opposite colours. Although described as a blanket, this piece looks and functions equally well as a throw, draped over the arm of you favourite sofa. The Eames wool blanket is finished with fringed edges and available from stock at WB Jamieson. 

Vitra - Eames Wool Blanket - In Stock - ready to ship - Vitra - WB Jamieson

Weaver Green Rugs

Weaver Green is incredible. A bold statement for sure, but there are many reasons why: Constructed completely from recycled PET plastic bottles, Weaver Green repurposes post consumer waste and creates something beautiful. You would be forgiven for thinking that plastic yarn would not feel nice, but this couldn't be further from the truth. These rugs are super soft, yet hard-wearing, retain warmth, and are inherently stain and water resistant due to the nature of the material. Furthermore, Weaver Green rugs are ideal for allergy sufferers.  The final but perhaps most significant reason that makes these rugs so incredible; the price. Weaver green are great value for money. Buying a Weaver Green rug will not only save you money, but my also help save the planet.  

Weaver Green - Chenille Dove Grey Rug - In Stock - ready to ship - Weaver Green - WB Jamieson

HAY Plus 9 throw

The Plus 9 is a throw with a modern geometric pattern made up of plus signs and squares in a range of tones. The plus 9 throw is lightweight, double woven in a thin-spun wool giving the it a delicate finish and soft handle. Available from stock in the grey colour-way, drape across your favourite sofa for added texture and comfort.

HAY - Plus 9 Throw - In Stock - ready to ship - HAY - WB Jamieson

Weaver Green blankets 

Although we have already featured the Weaver Green rugs, The blankets from Weaver Green are also worthy of mentioning. Constructed from recycled post-consumer plastic PET bottles, just as the rugs are, they feature the same benefits such as stain/water resistance, hardwearing, super-soft, eco-friendly, and being blankets they are also a nice weight and warming. The weaver green rugs are available in a variety of patterns and colour and look equally great used as a throw on a bed or sofa. Excellent value and good for the planet. Weaver Green ticks every box.

Weaver Green - Herringbone Blanket - In Stock - Accessories - Weaver Green - WB Jamieson


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