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November 8th, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

Shop Local 

WB Jamieson is the only choice in the North-East of Scotland including Aberdeen and the surrounding areas for forward thinking contemporary, modern, design-led furniture. 

We are a small family-run operation. Passed down from Generation to Generation, David Jamieson is now at the helm of the ship and has led the company forward in further developing the business.

Our flooring side of of the business has gone from strength to strength and we have secured contracts with major house builders.

With the recent tough economic climate we have witnessed local competitors such as Dargie Design which was also based in Aberdeen ceasing to trade. This is truly sad to see and we are now the last independently ran and owned business selling our particular niche of high-quality, luxury, world renowned designer furniture in the North of Scotland.

We know how easy the internet has made online shopping and as a small business selling our brand of beautiful luxury products we must face up to large corporations selling the same furniture and products by iconic designers as we do. 

So why should you spend your hard earned with us?

We believe being that being small allows us to concentrate on the essential things which often get overlooked by the bigger guys: 


We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. We think that buying a piece of furniture as special as the products we stock should be a pleasurable experience. 

We want you to keep coming back and for that to happen we know your experience must be excellent. 

Our highly knowledgeable and friendly staff are always on hand to help you with any enquiries.

We never opt for the hard sell approach.

When browsing and shopping, nobody wants someone breathing down their shoulder. At the same time, when you need advice or information we make sure that we are on-hand to help you.

Our aftercare aims to ensure your experience has run smoothly and to offer any further assistance should it be required. 

We are competitive

When it comes to buying beautiful designer furniture we try to ensure we offer the best value. However, the internet is a big place and we can't check every 'nook and crannie'. So if you find the same product offering elsewhere for cheaper, our price match guarantee is our promise to you that we will match it. Just drop us an email with the details or speak to us (01358 742086) and we'll take it from there.

100% Authentic

We are 100% authorised dealers of all of the brands we stock. There are unscrupulous websites that will try to pass off fake items as the genuine article. You can rest assured, that when you buy anything from WB Jamieson you are getting the real thing. Our showroom in Potterton, (a small village just minutes outside of Aberdeen city centre) has our product on display, all with the correct labels and packaging. If you are ever in doubt about a products authenticity contact the brand directly and they will advise you what to look out for.

We are Local 

We have an actual physical location you can visit and talk to real people if that is your preference. We are very proud of our beautiful showroom. housed within a converted farmyard steading the traditional exterior is contrasted by the clean modern interior, with our curated selection of world renowned furniture designs.

Free Shipping 

All our furniture is shipped in the UK for free! You don't need to anticipate an extra expense at the checkout. Whether you buy online or in-store you can rest assured that your items will be sent to your address, well-packaged, securely, speedily and of course for FREE. 

A Excellent Curation 

We love good design. Stunning dining tables, bold contemporary chairs, comfy sofas that are made-well and look better than anything else on the market. Just see our Premiership of brands we stock below:

- Artek
- Biegert & Funk (QLOCKTWO)
- Bonaldo
- Emeco
- Established & Sons
- Louis De Poortere
- Magis
- Menu
- Plumen
- Punt
- Sancal
- String
- Vitra
- Weaver Green

So what do you get by shopping with a local, independent furniture company? 

You get beautiful, 100% authentic designs by world renowned designers from people who are knowledgeable and care about the product. You get outstanding customer service and the peace of mind that the product you love is priced fairly and competitively. 



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