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Soft Furnishings in Aberdeen

July 17th, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

Soft Furnishings

WB Jamieson is a company with many facets. We are known locally for our flooring expertise having had secured many big contracts across the north-east of Scotland. On top of that we supply some of the finest furniture the globe has to offer from world renowned designers. Interior design is our third area of expertise which also covers soft furnishings, we have a team of seamstresses who have the ability to produce everything, from cushions, throws, pelmets, blinds and curtains for your home in any fabric of your choosing. We have a huge fabric library.

What are Soft Furnishings?

Soft furnishings are any items made from cloth that are used to decorate a room or space. The term can cover anything from curtains, cushions, pelmets, headboards, throws, blinds or even chair coverings and upholstery.

Where to buy Soft Furnishings in Aberdeen

At WB Jamieson we are positioned to produce exactly what you need at a reasonable price and locally. Our talented seamstresses have a wealth of experience and knowledge and have undertaken jobs both large and small. We always deliver a high quality finish to a set deadline. We even take on work from other interior designers, such is the quality and efficiency of our work.


What kind of Soft Furnishings we can do

There are a great deal of things we at WB Jamieson have experience in having made soft-furnishings for. We can provide for the following:

  • Soft furnishings for Caravans - from upholstering seats to making curtains and blinds.
  • Soft furnishings for your Nursery - Creating bright and colourful soft objects and room dressings suited to children's needs.
  • Soft furnishings for the Bathroom - providing blinds and other items for rooms that need to consider water moisture.
  • Soft furnishings for Boats - Whether it is to increase Privacy or add an element of comfort, we can make to your exacting specification.
  • Soft furnishings for Schools - We are able to undertake larger jobs for community halls, schools or any other large spaces.
  • Soft furnishings for Hotels - during our long time in business we have worked on many exciting projects and we are always happy to discuss your ideas and requirements. 

Just some of the things our talented makers and seamstresses have been involved with:

  • Curtains - From windows to huge stage curtains
  • Pelments - Made from your fabric of choice and to your specs. 
  • Blinds - We make a vast array of blinds, from Roman to Roller, Venetian to Skylight
  • Cushions - In a variety of shapes and sizes from any fabric of your choosing
  • Throws - to provide extra comfort and decorative finish.
  • Headboards - Luxurious headboards to give the bed its crowning glory
  • Upholstery - We have upholstered everything from old favourite chairs to barstools and sofas
  • Carpet runners and rugs - We are able to bind carpet to create beautiful rugs for your home.
  • + So much more... If it is sewn, we can make it. 

Contact us today to learn more:


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