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Choosing a stair runner

April 4th, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

Choosing a stair runner

Stair runners are increasingly becoming popular among new home-owners who are looking to add a classic, elegant and creative finish which adds detail and texture.

Choosing the right combination of elements for a stair runner is something that needs careful consideration. At WB Jamieson we are well placed to advise and help you get the perfect finish to your stairs and flooring. Ensuring that the design, material and fit is just right, is our priority.

Stair runner - WB JamiesonStair runner in Telenzo Windsor 189 Smoke

Things to consider when deciding on a stair carpet

Before fitting a stair runner there are a few options to consider which will determine the overall look of the finished stairway. 

  • Do you have stairs crafted from a particularly beautiful wood? - Stripped wood will expose the beautiful grain of the wood of your staircase.
  • Painted stairs are both classic and simple, suited to a contemporary setting, painted stairs are also a good option if the wooden steps are not constructed from a wood that would be suited to being stripped.
  • The last main option to take into consideration is the quality, style and warmth of the carpet runner.

Stairs are an area of heavy foot traffic; they take a beating. Even when being cleaned, its not unusual for a vacuum cleaner to thud over a step or two, or stomped down when we're in a rush to get out. 

While the stripped back appeal of stair runners is clear, perhaps a final consideration before going ahead should be: "Can I live with the added maintenance of exposed wood and the increased sound of the stairs?"

Carpet staircase runner - WB Jamieson

Stair runner in Telenzo Diversity 159 Stone Age

Why a stair runner is a great solution.

Stair runners combine the style of an exposed staircase with the warmth, comfort and safety (non-slip) of carpet. The carpet runs down the middle of the stairs leaving wood at either side visible. As mentioned previously, the exposed areas of steps can be painted or varnished, both giving a different but equally pleasant aesthetic. The vast choice of carpet options means that you can really add extra drama, or a modern pared-back look depending on the type of carpet selected.

Whip it real good

Finishing the edges of the carpet runner is essential, it gives a clean edge finished edge and stops the carpet from fraying over time. This binding process is called whipping.

Stair runners can be crafted from off-cuts of carpet laid elsewhere making it an economical solution in many situations.

Carpet Staircase runner - WB Jamieson

Stair runner in Telenzo Windsor 189 Smoke

How to choose the carpet runner

  • Staircases take a lot of stresses and strains from normal use.
  • We know our carpets and can advise you from hundreds of options which will be suitable for heavier traffic, in a range of price points and styles.
  • The cushioning effect of carpet also protects the wood beneath and absorbs sound.

A long-lasting stair runner is great, but without a style that endures the a long time period, then the runner will only need replaced.
  • Whether fitted as a runner, or full width, striped carpet is always a popular choice. That’s because stripes work well with the angles of a staircase and you achieve spectacular results.
  • We can help you visualise your chosen runner and staircase with free samples.
  • For our customers in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas of Scotland we will arrange a time suitable with our client to measure the flooring area to ensure we are be economical with carpeting as possible.
  • Our fitters are extremely experienced and skilled, we have even won an award for best Trades-person of the year for floor fitting from the Trades Awards. So you can rest assured we will give you the best finish.

Stair runner Victorian property - WB Jamieson

Stair runner in Telenzo Diversity 159 Stone Age

    The finishing touches

    With stair-runners, you can choose to add further detail and embellishment by adding a stair-rods. These decorative metal batons sit at the base of each step and keep the stair runner in place, they also add a finishing decorative element.

    Stair runner with landing - WB Jamieson

    Stair runner in Alternative Flooring Wool Iconic Herringbone Grant 1524

    Looking at the carpet stair runner through the bannister - WB Jamieson

    Stair runner in Alternative Flooring Wool Iconic Herringbone Grant 1524

    For more information please contact us here.


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