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2020 colour trend prediction

September 16th, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

Warm yellow tones for a statement making boost of colour

WGSN tracks the evolution of colours and forecasts what will be a trending colour in the year ahead. Millennial pink was originally predicted to do big things - and as we have come to see, the colour has become quite ubiquitous particularly in interior design and fashion. Colours come and go, but these are some of the colours which are touted to be at the fore in 2020.

Mellow Yellow.

Yellow is an inherently vibrant and optimistic colour. It brings energy and light to an interior, it also brings with it a warmth in the deeper, more earthy variety of the tone which is the logical direction for the ongoing popularity of baked hues.

Mellow yellow is a colour to watch for 2020

Instead of using yellow as the basis of a colour scheme, which could be incredibly overwhelming, yellow works excellently as an accent colour. A colour that can be used to complement and contrast, yellow can create focal points around the room or pick out details in an otherwise flat coloured room.

Mellow yellow brings warmth and vibrancy

Yellow is an uplifting colour which will add an openness to a space and raise the atmosphere immediately. use it sparingly and break it up in order to not overwhelm a space by it.

Mellow yellow 2020 colour

Neo mint.

According to the trend forecasters WGSN, Neo Mint is set to take over where Millennial pink left off. The pastel tone heralds the new start of a new decade and embodies an optimistic mood which merges elements of science and technology and aligns it with nature.

Neo mint colour scheme

This refreshing green, like the yellow which is predicted for 2020 is also uplifting and gives a calming and clean, contemporary look.

Neo mint colour

Neo mint is the new go-to colour for 2020


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