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The Vitra Polder Sofa

August 28th, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

Polder - a remarkable design...

The Vitra Polder sofa is a remarkable design, one that perhaps doesn't get given enough exposure. 

The original design by Hella Jongerius is a playful and exciting piece of furniture that combines a selection of textures and tones in a single colour in the form of a comfortable sofa.


"For me it’s the skin – the fabric of the sofa – that’s what gives it expression."

- Hella Jongerius

Hella has described the Polder design as having taken inspiration from from her homeland; Netherlands. The Sofa resembles the low lying land which its patches of different tones and shade are reminiscent of fields, much like the land itself which has been reclaimed from the sea.

The Polder Sofa in a variety of colour options

The unique design of the sofa makes it a focal point of any room. It's asymmetrical form and cushions in a variety of fabrics provide an instantly iconic piece that is considers both form and function.

Learn more and shop the Polder Sofa here.


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