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Time for clocks

October 29th, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

In this blog post we thought we should give some time to the subject of clocks. Today, in this digital age we have the time on our devices, on our wrists, at our computers and even on our appliances. 

That said there is something about the clock which inspires and fascinates. Time is a constant. It has been the subject of study of many fields; religion, philosophy, and science.

The clock is both symbolic and  device of measurement. We live our lives by what the clock reads. 

The key is in not spending time, but in investing it. – Stephen R. Covey.

Every home should have a beautiful clock. One that adds a character and charm to the space.

Below we have selected some clocks from our store which do just this.

1. The QLOCKTWO Classic 

The QLOCKTWO is a very visually striking object. Using illuminated words to effectively read the time, this clock looks incredibly contemporary and clean-cut and is a real talking point of any room.

Biegert & Funk - QLOCKTWO - Classic clock - Accessories - Biegert & Funk - WB Jamieson

2. The Vitra Sunflower 

We actually have the black ash/brass version of this clock in the entrance to our Aberdeen furniture showroom. It is a large and elegant wall clock which adds a sophistication to the space. Constructed to form a geometric sunflower shape. This clock like so many of our choices is more than a merely functional timepiece. It blurs the line of what a clock should be as it could be considered as a sculptural work of art also.

Sunflower Clock - In Stock - Accessories - Vitra - WB Jamieson

3. Established & Sons Font Clock

The font clock fuses 12 different fonts which were selected based on their visual strength. The design is a fun play on the traditional utilitarian flip clock. Designed by Sebastian Wrong, who is famed for his bold and graphic pieces of furniture, this timepiece continues in the same direction.

Established & Sons - Font Clock - Accessories - Established & Sons - WB Jamieson

4. Vitra Ball Clock - Multi-coloured

Something of an iconic piece of design. by the world renowned Ray and Charles Eames. The Ball clock in this multi-coloured iteration is a fun piece which utilises brightly lacquered wooden balls in place of numbers and bold shapes in place of the hand pointers. This mid century design is still relevant today and this timeless design will likely be relevant way into the next century.

Vitra - Ball Clock (Multi-coloured) - In Stock - Accessories - Vitra - WB Jamieson

5. Magis Tempo Clock.

The Tempo clock from Magis is a simple and bold and has a strong graphic aesthetic. This modern simplistic take on the clock will work well in a contemporary setting where its minimal form will complement the space.

Magis - Tempo - Clock - Accessories - Magis - WB Jamieson


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