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Vitra Algue - Hows it hanging?

March 25th, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

At WB Jamieson we love Vitra, Their huge range of well thought-out designs are both functional and beautiful. The Algue by the Bouroullec brothers in particular is an unusual an eye catching modular design which resembles the organic vein-like system of a plant structure.

The vita algue in a dining room set up
The Algue navigates the line between form and function. In it's own right it is a beautiful piece of design, however, it can also function as a screen or curtain, even as a temporary room or space divider.

Uniformed Vitra algue
With the option to be constructed in a few ways; in the instruction manual, it is recommended that the individual pieces are attached (with the small plastic plugs provided) uniformly. This may be for the modular system to maintain its optimal strength, but using common sense, it's possible to attach the pieces to present a more organic form.

The kind of free flowing and organic forms that can be created with the Algue
Below are some examples of the Algue put together in a way that really builds on the design, transforming it into something quite unique.

The vitra Algue in light green
Shop the Algue here.

How to hang the Vitra Algue

When hanging the Vitra Algue there are a few things to consider;

  • Do you want to create an organic looking structure?
  • Is the Algue to be used as a screen or divider?
  • Is the Algue going to be placed on a wall as a piece of art?

If you want to create an organic looking structure (like many of the images shown above) 

It might be an idea to go freestyle. The instructions in the manual will give you the optimal pattern structure for the structure to support itself and the veins to not snap under its own load. This will, however, give a very artificial repeat pattern the to algue structure. For something that has the appearance of growing, organic material (which is what was intended by the Bouroullec brothers) You make need to experiment with the way in which you connect the individual prongs. Be extremely careful though as connectors may snap if you force too much weight on a piece that is not structurally strong or unsupported. You do this at your own risk, the results may be incredibly beautiful if done correctly though.

Radiator screen using the Vitra Algue

Installing the Algue as a screen divider

The Algue is a great way of partitioning large spaces into smaller areas, this can be done in a variety of ways, hanging from ceiling structures to attaching to some heavy duty fishing line in could work. Just be sure that the structure is secure and safe. The look will be eye-catching as a result.

The Vitra Algue 'growing' over a shower

The Algue as wall art

The Algue lends itself well as a stand alone piece of wall art. Examples of circles made from the modular structure look fantastic. The algue sitting against a flat wall painted in a contrasting colour looks great also.

Vitra Algue as wallart    Vitra Algue wall art 2














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