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A question of curtains

July 10th, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

A question of curtains.

It could be a daunting experience buying your first set of blinds, there seems to be so much jargon and technical details to take into consideration.

We've decided to answer a few of the more frequently asked questions we've found online to make your task a little easier.

Can curtains be washed?

This is all dependant on the fabric of your chosen curtains, We can advise you on fabrics when buying your curtains from WB Jamieson. It is always wise to follow the instructions of the fabric, many curtains can be washed on a delicate cycle in a washing machine, if your machine doesn't have this setting choose a cool wash with a slow spin. Normal laundry detergent will do the job. 

If the curtain fabric is dry clean only, it really is best to take them to a professional dry cleaners to ensure they return looking their best. If you decide to wash curtains you run the risk of bleeding or faded colours, this may also shrink and pill the fabric.

Speak with our sales team when selecting your fabric for piece of mind.

Can curtains block/reduce noise?

In general, all curtains to a certain degree will provide an element of sound deadening. This reduction of echo is most evident when entering an empty room as opposed to one with soft-furnishing and furniture. 

In terms of blocking noise completely this will not be achievable with regular curtains and a specialist should be consulted for this kind of requirement.

Can curtains touch radiators?

A common question. Today in many homes the word radiator is perhaps a little outdated as those typically standard white objects on walls are actually convectors. The cold air making contact with the warm metal rises and circulates around the room to raise the temperature. The water circulating is these 'radiators' will not put anything on fire and so curtains are quite safe. The biggest issue with curtains which are hung over radiators is that the heat is trapped and ultimately lost against a window rather than being circulated throughout a room.

Please not, if you have electric heaters which may contain oil or water, their temperature is controlled by an electric thermostat or switch. If the switch failed this could be enough to cause a fire.

The safest option is to always have your curtains treated with a FR (fire resistant) coating and to keep textiles away from heat sources to prevent damage to them.

Which curtains go on tracks?

Firstly, What are the differences between tracks and poles?

Poles are generally more visible and therefore there is a larger range of products used with them to create a complementary look.

Tracks are made to hang curtains with heading tape.Tracks use clips on gliders and are more subtle and can be completely hidden.

For tracks you will be looking at curtains with header tape such as pencil pleat or wave curtains.

Which curtains block out light?

When selecting your blinds if you require them to block out light, be sure to go for a curtain with blackout qualities. You would be forgiven for thinking that blackout fabric would have to be heavy or dark to serve its purpose. However, this is not the case and their are many colours available including white blackout curtains with a variety of headings available

Why are curtains used, what are their purpose?

There are many reasons for adding curtains to your room or space. 

  • Curtains are beautiful and decorative, with a near infinite number of possibilities; from fabric and colours to heading types and pole designs you can get something that is suited to any scheme or environment.
  • Curtains provide security and privacy, by simply not allowing people to look in to your home security is improved and privacy is maintained.
  • Curtains can provide shade required on a sunny day if the sunlight is irritating alternatively they can be opened wide to allow more natural light into a space.
  • Curtains keep your home cool during the summer and warmer during the winter.

Will curtains make a room warmer/cooler?

Curtains are excellent at insulating your home from heat loss and gain from a home's most compromised feature; the windows. 

During the summer or particularly warm periods, curtains act as a extra barrier stop external heat entering the property.

Alternatively, In the depths of winter and on cold days, curtains again act as a barrier from the external chill which comes through the windows. Having curtains adds an extra layer of protection and helps maintain a warm environment.

Are curtains fire retardant?

Not all curtains are fire retardant, You should always consult the sales team on what is, or is not protected with an FR (Fire resistant) treatment. Our consultants are able to offer expert advice regarding fire curtain regulations and the standards available.

Let us know what you need and we will make it happen.

Where to buy curtains?

There are many places across the UK where you can find curtains but if you live in the North-east of Scotland, in or around Aberdeen. Be sure to pay us a visit for curtains and blinds that are customised to your style, space and requirements. 

With our huge selection of luxurious and high quality fabrics, coupled with our in-house team of highly skilled and experienced seamstresses, we can offer an excellent service at a competitive price.

Email us today:


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