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Wide or Narrow?

September 10th, 2019

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Darren Seymour

Wide or Narrow planks? - What to choose when picking flooring.

Wood effect flooring is incredibly popular in our homes. It gives texture, style and practicality to a floor. 

With such a large number of options available to the customer it can become overwhelming. With plenty of variations in colour, texture, laying pattern and finish we decided to look at an option that may easily be overlooked.

Plank widths may appear to be rather insignificant when considering flooring, however their effect on the finished product means they should not be underestimated.

We always encourage our customers to go with their personal preference, however we hope this little guide will be useful when deciding on the plank widths of your new floor. 

Amtico tiles spacia

Aesthetic differences

Obviously aesthetic plays a big role when choosing anything for your home. It has got to look good and work with your individual style and the space in which it sits. This is where plank width should be considered both options can make a dramatic difference to the visual appearance of the floor.

Narrow Planks/Tiles

Visually, narrow planks create an intricacy and a detail to a floor, offering a formality to a given space. The flooring can appear more complex due to the number of joins and grooves.

Wide Planks/Tiles

In contrast, Wide planks allow more of the surface texture and grain to show. With a greater surface area on show, the wood's details are centre stage. Giving the planks more depth and variation. Larger tiles can appear more contemporary.

herringbone spacia

Which tile for which room size?

Most of us are aware that interior designers have developed clever ways in which to maximise a space or to even make a small space feel larger than it really is. This can also be said for floor tiles. The floor tile size can actually have an impact on how big a room feels.

Narrow Planks

Narrow planks can make a room feel busy, this is due to the high number of tiles and the intricate joins that draw the eye. This is advantageous in large open spaces where to space can feel empty, bare or sparse. 

Narrow tiles bring proportion to the space. Adding character and drawing the eye as opposed to a featureless space where we aren't sure where to look. Narrow boards can look great as a contrast of the popular minimalist aesthetic. However for the minimalist purest larger tiles would probably be more in-keeping. Narrow boards can give the impression of elongating corridors and hallways, providing a uniformity that is beneficial to the space.

Wide Planks

It may be contrary to popular belief, but large planks or tiles are particularly well suited to smaller spaces. While narrow flooring tiles and planks will tighten a space are intrinsically more open. Larger tiles and planks give the impressions of a greater size, making a small, claustrophobic space feel larger and more spacious. Conversely, using large tiles in a larger space will emphasise the scale of the room. 

Amtico Signature plank and tile sizes


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