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Workplace Experience Diary - Hannah

September 17th, 2018

Category: WB Jamieson

Author: Lean Barron

Hannah spent a week with us for her work experience. Below she shares her diary of her day to day activities which she created as part of her experience.

Day 1 -

Monday 10th September, my first day at my work placement. The first thing I did was meet the fabulous people I would be working with for the rest of the week. I then went over all the health and safety rules and got an induction to the business with Liz ( the business support ). After that I had a chat with Darren about WBJamieson’s social media and their website and came up with ideas on how I can be part of the posts on Instagram. From their Darren and I went to go visit WBJamieson’s very own seamstresses to take photos of them working their magic. To finish my day off I had a discussion with Liz and David (the managing director), about my mood boards that I will make throughout the week.

Hannah selecting flooring samples

Day 2 - 

Tuesday 11th September, the second day being here. I came in, grabbed a cup of tea and turned on my computer. Liz introduced me to Wendy (the Soft Furnishings Designer) and Lean (the Design Consultant) as they were off on Monday. I then started looking at ideas for my mood boards and helped Wendy sort out the discontinued books from the fabric library. After we had finished sorting out the fabrics, I went through to the sewing room and designed and made a cushion (it took a few hours to make but the cushion looks fabulous). At the end I picked out fabrics for my mood board, tied up and went home.

Hannah sewing a cushion in the studio

Day 3 -

Wednesday 12th September, half way through my week at WB Jamieson's. Firstly I logged into my computer and added some photos to my moodboards. Then I did an Amtico floor plan, and emailed David and Greg (the Operations Coordinator), my plan to get some prices for it. Once I did that I went to see Wendy to get prices for curtains, blinds and wallpaper. After that I did a bit more of my mood boards, which brought me to the end of day 3.

Day 4 - 

Thursday 13th September, my second last day. At the start of the day, Lean helped me create an estimate for my flooring and soft furnishings. I managed to finish most of it before visiting some show homes with Wendy. It was probably one of the best parts of my week. We looked around six properties. My favourite was the last one, it was massive and had a huge kitchen. Once we were done at the show homes we took a carpet to get binded which was fascinating. When we returned, I finished the estimate from earlier in the day and then my mum's friend came to visit me, where I showed her around the show room.

Hannah visiting a show home

Day 5 -

Friday 14th September, my last day at WB Jamieson. As it is my last day today I brought in chocolates as a thank you, (I am pretty sure Lean and Darren have been eating them all). So far today I have finished both of my mood boards, I have designed and created a room set-up and now I have I have to do a carpet, layout and cutting plan, before I give a presentation about my week here and say goodbye to everyone.

Hannah developing a room layout


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